Iconic mosque

Dubai Creek Harbour, 2018

Competition entry


The pure outer cube metaphorically refers to the perfection nature specific to the creator.. A humble modest form in contrast with the flowing interiors.


The sculpted heart dissolves into the surrounding plaza, with seamless transition into the space; with no wall defining the premises, reflecting the essence of the religion, providing fluidity, openness, connectivity, and acceptance, inviting people in, and through.. This courtyard provides communal space, and allows the visitors to maintain visual and physical connection between the sea and the tower- the heart of the settlement.

A tree is to be planted towards alqibla instead of a minaret, not to dominates the visitors by a structure, but to emphasize on the mosque as a communal social space.

The contrast in materiality between outside and inside 

reflects the notion of the mosque as a sanctuary from the harsh elements of the material world.