Seascape competition

Bahrain 2012

BAB alBahrain was the gate connecting the sea to the dense urban texture of the old Suq. With the series of reclamations, the sea was getting further away from the (gate) causing it to loose its meaning and historical importance.

The proposal attempts to create public space that promotes integration while transforming the flat square into waves of pedestrianized landscape as a reminder of the sea that was once there. The structure accommodates  in shaded pockets embedded at different levels within the ramping fabric. 

The intertwining ribbons not only create a playful open space, they also attempt to encourage urban connectivity by stretching to connect different points around the site. Bleeding into the alleys and roads.

The design seeks to create a new hybrid that combines distinct properties; connectivity and privacy, openness and shelter, architecture and landscape.

A new playful skyline…