Basta Restaurant

Al-Mouj, Oman 2018

A spatially-flipped concept "interning outside". 

The design starts with a streetscape taking us through a traditional Bahraini alley with its elements and urban features: The baker (khabbaz), Juice shop, and doors to houses with traces of life spilling onto the alley (Satelite dish, Aerial, external part of a window AC, clothes line on the roof,...)

The design extends to go beyond "the residential alley" and allows for a realistic journey into the souq, with the folding wooden shop doors opening into private seating areas. One alley representing the traditional street Coffee area (Gahwa)

The design is a small sectional cut-out of the urban fabric, placed into the unit, taking us through a space and time journey into our memories.

The design engages an extra sense, with a soundtrack of alley noise during the day, and another one with night atmosphere...

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